Self Storage Solutions from R.B. Steel

There are many reasons why you might need storage. You may be moving, and require temporary storage mid move. You may be travelling or taking a temporary job posting. It could be that you’re decorating or simply creating some space at home.

Traditional storage is simple and convenient. Your moving company will collect the things you want to store from the comfort of your own home, pack small items into boxes and wrap larger items to stop them getting dusty or damaged.

Self Storage Solutions from R.B. Steel

They will then load it into a purpose-built, wooden storage container, seal it, and then leave for the store. When the vehicle arrives at the store, the container will be unloaded and stacked carefully in the warehouse. It will stay there, untouched, until you want everything back. The system involves the minimum of handling, so everything stays safe.

The safety and security of your personal belongings is taken extremely seriously. Nobody but you should be able to access your container at any time during storage.

Warehouses are secured, alarmed, are often manned 24-hours a day and have closed circuit TV surveillance. Some very modern facilities use steel containers (that can even withstand fire) and are totally automated to eliminate the opportunity for human error or unauthorised entry.

You can access your goods whilst they are in storage but you should try to tell the remover in advance that this is likely and, if you can, which items you wish to retrieve before collection.

Our Self Storage website has a storage FAQ, space calculator and storage hints and tips page that you will find useful when working out your exact storage requirements.